Season 20 Playoff Predictions

20 seasons of party, 20 seasons of play, 20 seasons of misguided faith and bestowing bad luck upon the ill-fated five teams selected in the annual playoff predictions. But every so often, a team will rise above all odds and win both the playoff predictions, and the playoffs themselves. Will any of these mighty contenders prevail? Find out this Saturday at CDL’s Season 20 Playoffs!!

L is for Party Tier

Finals: One Shot (1) def. Pirates of the Caribballin’ (4)

The Pirates have made a number of deep playoff runs recently, and always seem to step up big come playoff time. That said, One Shot has one of the best team names/shirt ideas I’ve seen all season and that counts for more in my books! One Shot wins a close 5 game series after 2 full head-to-head sets.

Pushy the CDL Party Penguin’s Party Pick: Moon Tiara Magic. Because we pretty much always pick these guys to go deep, and they almost never disappoint… I think.

Darkhorse: The Leftovers. Big upsets early and they cruise in for a bruisin’.

D is for Party Tier

Finals: Here for the Beer (2) def. Super Team Awesome (3)

In a challenging and deep pool, D tier finds itself filled with a number of tough veteran teams, many of whom could prevail to take home the championship. Super Team Awesome and Here for the Beer have both been around the block and have gone deep in the playoffs before. With the addition of my main man Alex “Double A’s” Aragon to their roster, look for Here for the Beer to rise up this season.

Pushy’s Pick: The Goodfellas are another one of those tough veteran teams who can find themselves going deep. This is their year.

Darkhorse: Rebel Alliance. Because the odds they face this round are impossible, even for a targeting computer…

C is for Party Tier

Finals: Bae Team (8) def. The DA (1)

As usual, C tier is filled with teams that could easily have contended in B tier. Both the DA and Bae Team fit this category. DA are among the most experienced teams in the CDL, and have returned as one of several classic teams coming back for the 20 season anniversary. Players on this team have won many championships in the past, and they are a safe pick to go deep into the playoffs.

While they may very well win, Bae Team is also heavily stacked in this division, with a full roster of quality players and heavy arms. I don’t think Bae has won in CDL before, but I think they may start this year. *woah… I didn’t realize when I wrote this that I was going 8 to beat 1…  Go get’em Bae!!*

Pushy’s Pick: Awkward Turtles have proven to be playoff performers in the past. With a couple of big new pickups this past season, they have as good of a chance as anyone.

Darkhorse: Ball for One. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if these guys are a darkhorse or not (thanks for taking the standings down, Bill!). But I think they have a shot!

B Tier

Finals: Double Dash (2) def. Fog Duckers (5)

There will be catches. Both favoured teams have a number of players who can both make or throw critical catches along the way. Clutch catches will certainly decide this round, and it’s simply a matter of which team makes the bigger grabs when it matters the most. CDL party captain Kristian Anthony has lost more than his share of championships for the Fog Duckers, watch for him to cost them another one, only this time from the other side of it.

Pushy’s Pick: Brown Chicken Brown Cow. Because it wouldn’t be CDL playoffs if I didn’t try to jinx Evan Sanchez.

Darkhorse: Dodgeball Z find themselves up in their highest tier yet. Watch for them to make a run.

A Tier

Finals: Eternal Masters (1) def. Dekk in a Box (2)

Surrey players came up huge last year and came up with the ultimate CDL prize. Dekk in a Box is another Surrey based team with the strength to go far. Meanwhile, Chris Vallance has dominated all over the VDL courts, but is in the longest CDL slump of his career. Now that Dan Lewis is back riding is coattails, watch for these guys to make an epic comeback during this monumental season.

Pushy’s Pick: John Lieu is in A Tier. Because I saw this team play all season, and never saw John Lieu in A tier. Is this a real person? If so, expect him to raise a Golden Dodgeball to end the night. Wait!!! This is the team with the stupid dab cheer. Screw that, I’m going with PANDAMONIUM, ’cause they’re classics.

Darkhorse: Bayside Tigers pushed hard and found themselves in A to end the season. That momentum could carry them over into a deep run.


With the upcoming Tournament of Champions returning for a second year in the coming weeks, Pushy is making the bold pick that the CDL will win both the Championship Division and the Open Division. Sign up for the Tournament of Champions and help us bring dodge glory back to the 4-3!!!

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