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Gameplay and Rules

Does it hurt to be hit with one of the balls?

The balls are as soft and safe as possible. Getting hit doesn’t usually hurt at all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt playing the game.

It’s foam! It doesn’t hurt!

Am I too young/old to play dodgeball?

Although we require all of our players to be 19 and over, there is no upper limit.

If someone is hit on the head, are they out?

As the rule stands, any direct ball contact with the body is considered a hit. CDL has always placed a top priority on the safety of its players and discourages any player from throwing the ball at another player above the shoulders.

Can I be “saved” if I am hit and my teammate catches the ball?

No. The only way to stay in the game after a direct hit is to catch the ball yourself immediately after the hit (without the ball touching anything in between)

Can I cross the centre line during the opening rush?

Yes. After the opening rush, any touching of the centre line or of the opposing team’s court is considered an elimination. You cannot however contact or cross the sidelines at any time.

Why does CDL use peer referees instead of paid ones?

Unlike many other sports, CDL’s style of dodgeball is primarily based on spirit and the honour system. The referees are only present to help facilitate a smooth game and not make every single call. Having peer referees encourages all players share in the responsibility of keeping the game fair. The quality of refereeing may vary depending on the experience of the players. However, paid referees would undermine the spirit of the game by discouraging players from calling themselves out and placing that responsibility on the referees.

Reffing keeps the game moving smoothly

League Play

Does CDL have a recreational tier?

Every few weeks is tiered. Tiering will match the various skill levels, making a recreational tier unnecessary.

Will my team play every other team once in the season?

Although we do our very best to have each team play as many different teams as possible, it is not possible to schedule games with every other team. The number of different teams played is limited by the number of teams, of weeks in the season, and the time allotment for each gym.


Where can I purchase a CDL shirt?

You can buy merchandise at woody’s every week after dodgeball, or at any CDL sanctioned event. For more information please contact our supply department.

CDL Organization

Are the executives and organizers paid?

CDL is a community driven organization completely run by volunteers. No one is paid. We do however give back to players and volunteer’s alike, in the form of Party, Party, Parties every week at Woody’s, and other events such as Extravaganza’s, and the playoff after party.