Updated: January 21, 2018 1:49 pm

Tier A

Team Name(W) Since RetierTotal (W)
Run CDL Run6105
All Aboard The CV Train896
Red Pandas895
My Vagina Is...673

Tier B

Team Name(W) Since RetierTotal (W)
One Shot584
The Fruit Baskets874
Mr. Men & The Little Misses971
Awkward Turtles
Bayside Tigers
Double Dash
Mariner Brewing
Member Berries
Port Moody we're-actually-pretty-OK
The Aristocats

Tier C

Team Name(W) Since RetierTotal (W)
The Blue Ballers1192
Port Moody Jabronis668
The Tragically Hit858
Legendary Fight With Shia Labeouf552
Booze Hounds
Double Throw
Super Team Awesome
The Meme-Team

Tier D

Team Name(W) Since RetierTotal (W)
Moon Tiara Magic777
Jacks and Jills975
Free Agents1071
Here For The Beer969
The Rebel Alliance565
Pirates of the Cariballin'959
Team Randos756
The Sitting Ducks443

NOTE: If you do not see your teams score here, then contact your gym lead for that week.